Australasian Road Safety Awards

2012 Fellowship

2012 ACRS Fellow announced – Congratulations to Ms Lori Mooren

On behalf of College we congratulate our worthy 2012 ACRS Fellow, Ms Lori Mooren.  Lori’s Fellowship recognises her long-standing and active practice and leadership in some of Australia’s major road safety agencies.  Lori has played a significant role in advocacy that has led to successful implementation of major road safety initiatives in Australia and on a global scale.

Lori has been a key and successful contributor to road safety in NSW, Australia, and internationally for many years. Her record shows a contribution which warrants the status of Fellow, and extends over 21 years in road safety.

Lori worked in management positions in road safety at the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority for over 10 years, including three years as the leader of road safety in NSW (General Manager, Road Safety Branch). Over the 10 years of her involvement in managing road safety for NSW, deaths from road crashes toll dropped from around 800 to 600 per year against a background of an increase in population of over 600,000.

Simply put that means that at least 1500 people’s lives were saved in that decade, not to mention thousands of injuries avoided. Her work continued on and the reduction in road trauma rates continues.

Lori Mooren contributed to improving road safety results working at the Australian Road Research Board, running key projects and promoting the safe systems approach.  Internationally she was a trainer of road safety staff in Malaysia; established a road safety program in Honduras, and was the team leader of an Asian Development Bank funded road safety review in Sri Lanka.  Lori has also worked on road safety programs in Thailand, Vietnam and Senegal, and is one of the authors of the Speed Management manual for the Global Road Safety Partnership.

Lori has been managing an Australian Research Council Linkage critical research and development project at the University of NSW for safety management of heavy vehicles.  This complex project involves many players from government, industry and the insurance sector.

Lori is Chair, Fleet Safety Project Group of the UN Road Safety Collaboration and also recently appointed as co-Chair of the US National Academy of Sciences Transportation Research Board Global Road Safety Subcommittee

On behalf of the College ACRS National President Mr Lauchlan McIntosh is delighted to be able to make this Fellowship Award to such a worthy recipient; and an example to us all, Lori Mooren.

Her contribution to making roads safer in Australia has benefitted so many.

Lauchlan MCing4 Lori at podium Lori accepting Fellowship