Australasian Road Safety Awards

ACRS Fellowship Award

The prestigious ACRS Fellowship is recognised as the Australasian road safety community’s highest honour, recognising an individual for their outstanding committment and effectiveness in their efforts to reduce road trauma.

The Australasian College of Road Safety first instituted the award of College Fellow in 1991.  The list of Fellows since 1991 since the inception of the award is a record of significant achievement by these outstanding individuals.

Fellows must be acknowledged by colleagues and co-workers as outstanding, by virtue of contributions to road safety rather than their position. The contributions must be of such a nature that they have led to substantial growth and improvement in an important institution or organisation, body of knowledge or aspect of thought and practice associated with road safety.  The award recipient is presented with a plaque and citation – there is no financial reward – but it is the College’s highest honour.

The criteria for the award of Fellowship to the College are:

1.  The nominee must have given evidence, over a period of at least five years, of excellence in the field of road safety so that:

a) The nominee is acknowledged by colleagues  and co-workers as outstanding by virtue of contributions to road safety (rather than their position); and

b)  The nominee’s contributions must have noticeably contributed to substantial growth and improvement in an important institution or organisation, body of knowledge or aspect of thought and practice associated with road safety

2.  A nominee may be either a person engaged in research, or a person who puts into practice the research findings of others, but should be recognized nationally and/or internationally for their achievements.

3.  Nominees should be currently practising in the field of road safety.  Only in exceptional circumstances should persons who are retired or on the point of retirement be nominated.  If a person is making an outstanding contribution to road safety it should be acknowledged at that time.


ACRS Fellows present at the 2014 ACRS Award Ceremony
(13 November 2014)

Clockwise from left:
Mr Lauchlan McIntosh, Professor Mark Stevenson, Mr David Healy, Professor Barry Watson,
Mr Iain Cameron (2014 Fellow), Professor Raphael Grzebieta, Ms Lori Mooren,
Professor Narelle Haworth, ACRS Patron Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove,
Professor Mary Sheehan

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